• As theme for Korea Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai is Mobility in the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the proposal aims to express fundamental characteristic of Korean, Inner Dynamism, which is driving force of innovation and development of the county, through architectural aesthetics rather than formal explorations. The design seeks the aesthetic through analogical images: translucent texture of traditional Korean ramie fabric, Koreans depicted in traditional paintings wearing traditional clothes, who seem peaceful, calm yet carry vibrant inner energy.


    Simple box shaped mass for main exposition for virtual and augmented reality is wrapped with translucent textile to achieve the intended aesthetic quality and this emphasize the content of exposition instead of the building itself. Also, this exposition box is floating above the ground creating outdoor waiting, performance and event space. And the space between exposition box and textile facade becomes indoor yet outdoor space providing space for vertical circulation with exposition ramp. Also, the textile envelop protects the building and visitors from strong sun in Dubai and reduces energy consumption along with green roof on the exposition box and organic photovoltaics integrated into textile roof.


    Visitors approaching Korea Pavilion will be intrigued by these elements of exposition box, event and circulation space with visitors in motion, which are visible through the translucent textile facade, and enter the pavilion through split openings into vibrant space where the architecture, event, exposition and visitors are all intermingled. This is symbolic experience of unveiling the characteristic of Korean, and allows visitors to discover latent potentials of Korean and their country in the future.


    Year: 2018

    Type: Design Competition Entry