• Responding to the client’s preference for perforated metal, a shopfront for a new coffee shop is designed to use a single material of perforated metal panel replacing an existing glass shopfront. The perforated metal panel also triggers an idea of fabricating the logo of the coffee shop integrated into the new shopfront, as the logo design combines an image of ‘gombal’ (bear foot in Hangul) and coffee bean. The logo sign is composed of steel pipes with various lengths inserted into perforations of the metal panels. Each steel pipe encases an optical fiber that illuminates at its end tip, and 595 tips of fibers glow with soft luminescence at night. This shopfront with the integrated logo sign enables the coffee shop to stand out and attract customers with a minimal yet amiable aesthetic.


    Location: Seoul, Korea

    Time Frame: 2012

    Type: Exterior, Interior Renovation, Brand Design

    Area: 36㎡ / 388ft²

    Material: Plywood, Galvanized steel panel, Steel Pipe, Optical Fiber, Plastic Dowel