• Social dining experience includes diverse activities: preparing food together while having conversation, sharing plates during dinner, grabbing a few drinks after meal, and even cleaning up the table. Socializing can be increased if all of these activities happen in one space rather than in separated ones for consumption and preparation.


    To achieve this, a table/counter is placed on the center of a rectangular floor plan, and a gentle ramp in the middle of the floor enables the dining table and preparation counter to have a single surface for social dining, this ramp also acts as extended threshold between consumption and preparation creating spatial transition. Gathering around this ‘isle’, people interact with each other throughout the social dining event regardless of the type of activity.  


    Barrel vault ceiling is introduced to accentuate the ‘isle’, the form of this ceiling is simple and minimal yet intimate, it reflect the intimacy at the center of space; center of social.  Materials and details are also reduced to the minimum, in order to emphasize the richness of wooden ‘isle of social’, and the space becomes all about people, food and socializing on the ‘isle’. 


    Year: 2018

    Type: Design Competition - Shortlisted

    Publications:"COOK8: The New Dining Place"