• The house is for the parents of the client and his family’s weekend visit to a small rural town near DMZ in South Korea. While designing the floor plan with the required space and rooms, an oblique line is borrowed from the property lines to shape the form of the house. A layered drawing with various design elements and details develops into an archive of design ideas and geometric information. And it is utilized as a decision-making tool throughout the design process.

    By acknowledging the client’s plan for vertical addition in the future, a skylight provides an opening for the future staircase while bringing daylight into the heart of the house. The skylight also functions as a table for gathering on the roof where the family and guests can enjoy the scenic mountain view.


    Location: Yoncheon, Gyeonggi, Korea

    Year: 2013-2014

    Type: Single Family House

    Bldg Area: 203㎡ / 2,185ft²

    Structure: Reinforced Concrete

    Materials: Concrete, Brick, Cement Brick, Wood, Steel

    Project Team: Moo Joo Lee, Du Seok Jang