• The A is a salon run by a talented young hair designer in Seoul. Due to the excessive number of reservations, the designer wanted to add two more salon stations by eliminating existing bar counter. Instead of client’s initial idea of setting up mirrors on existing walls, the design proposal with generative drawings suggested a better solution that the existing bar counter was to cut and vertically set up for a self-standing wall, then utilized as a ‘mirror stand’ for both salon stations in the middle of the shop. This provides better privacy for the designer’s clients and allows the existing material to be reused while the existing walls to remain untouched.


    Furthermore, the remain parts of the bar counter become a checkout counter and a decorative shelf. Finally, in need of filling up the existing square cutout on the bar counter, the logo of the salon is also designed, fabricated and installed in the cutout space. The drawing developed throughout the design process generates a set of ideas for reconfiguring and salvaging existing interior elements with space use efficiency.


    Location: Seoul, Korea

    Year: 2012

    Type: Interior Renovation

    Area: 80㎡ / 861ft²

    Materials: Plywood, Tempered Mirror, Tempered Glass, Urethan Wire, Acrylic Pipe, Acrylic Sheet